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    Use A Greenhouse Gas Energy Audit To Comply With New Protocols

    New greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol standards have recently been adopted by the European Union (EU) and are poised for adoption by the United States Security Exchange Commission (SEC). These standards seek to greatly reduce the amount of ozone emissions being introduced into the natural environment by manufacturing and production facilities and countless other companies and industries with historically large carbon footprints. If you want to know how to comply with the new greenhouse gas protocols are, you have to start with a greenhouse gas energy audit. This will tell you just how large your carbon footprint is and where all of your energy use and emissions are coming from.

    The first thing that these audits consider are the direct emissions that come from your facility. All of your fuel-burning appliances and equipment produce and release exhaust as a result of incomplete combustion. The more efficient that appliances and other equipment are, the better their ability to burn fuel complete will be. With an audit, you can identify the inefficient models in your facility and take steps to either streamline their performance or replace them.

    Greenhouse emissions also account for gray emissions or the emissions produced by utility companies. Although now carbon monoxide or other exhaust is produced when using electricity, natural gas, propane, and other combustible fuels are often burned during electricity production. Thus, if you use a lot of electricity in place of heating oil or other fuels, you still have a significant carbon footprint.

    The third thing that’s considered in greenhouse gas energy audits are value chains. For instance, if you have lots of delivery drivers out in the field, you have to account for the emissions that their vehicles produce while they distribute your goods, pick up supplies, or engage in other work-related activities. Audits take an end-to-end assessment of all energy use and all resulting byproducts.

    You can use the information from your report to show compliance, achieve it, or maintain it. Whether you operate in Europe or the United States, getting an early start on measuring and tracking your footprint will make it infinitely easier to comply with new standards as they’re produced. To find out more r to schedule an appointment, get in touch with Verifiable Results today!

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