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    Verifiable Results, LLC

    Safety Compliance & Energy Cost Savings

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    An arc flash is started by a short circuit and occurs when a flashover of electric current leaps from one conductor to another—often leading to violent results. Arc flash incidents can be avoided by providing your employees with appropriate training and the proper safety equipment.


    There’s two ways to reduce your energy costs: supply side savings and demand side savings. On the supply side, we’ll review your energy bills to see if you’re on the most cost-effective rate. On the demand side, we measure and verify actual energy savings realized on lighting, HVAC retrofits, etc.

    GHG Protocol/Sustainability

    In a world increasingly concerned with its carbon footprint, accurate information is key. As outlined by the GHG Protocol FAQ, “Because climate change is a complex and global problem, decisions about how to reduce emissions need to be based on facts rather than assumptions.”


    Our team is well qualified to handle your most sophisticated engineering projects. We are a registered engineering firm and can assist you with special projects or supplement your engineering talent. Additionally, we offer project management, process improvement, implementation, and compliance auditing.


    We’re always looking for good people and encourage you to send us your resume. We offer a competitive benefit package and strive to provide what’s important to you: whether it’s a flexible work schedule or the opportunity to make more money.

    Greetings From Verifiable Results

    An arc flash can lead to a dangerous electrical explosion in your facility. It results from a short circuit either phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground. The arc flash discharges a great deal of gas and energy at extremely high temperatures. The most common cause of Arc Flash is human error. Due to the devastating effects of an arc flash incident, it is a federal mandate that all commercial and industrial facilities have an arc flash assessment. The arc flash assessment works to ensure the safety of your employees by providing guidelines for servicing equipment while energized. At Verifiable Results, we provide arc flash studies as well as thermal imaging, arc flash training and personal protection plans for your employees.

    Thank you for visiting our site. We’re glad you’re here to learn more about our business. Verifiable Results is a registered engineering firm and is licensed to practice engineering in many states throughout the country. We’re safety experts, engineers, and certified energy managers, and we’d like to help your business. We are the top place for Arc Flash Assessments.

    Duke Energy, Smart Saver Incentive Program

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