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Arc Flash Assessment

System Documentation Analysis

To start the analysis, documentation about the electrical systems are collected and entered into software in order to clearly understand the electrical distribution before beginning any tests. If the initial documentation appears to be missing data, the system may need to be inspected to collect more of the needed information.

Coordination Study

This next step of the assessment determines if the equipment has the proper protective devices set up. Protective device coordination ensures that overcurrent situations are limited.

Short Circuit Calculations

The short circuit is assessed in order to determine the magnitude of current flowing through the electrical system. At each critical point, the magnitude of electricity should be inspected after a “fault” occurs in order to determine bolted fault current for incident energy.

Evaluate Equipment & Electrical Systems

Equipment and Electrical Systems are all inspected in order to determine if the systems are operating in accordance to safety regulations.

Arc Flash Calculations

After evaluating the materials, electrical currents, protective equipment, and machines, arc flash calculations are produced for all relevant equipment.


Workers must be trained in safe working practices and equipment must be properly labeled to include safety regulations and concerns. For more information, check out our Online Arc Flash Training


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