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Infrared Thermal Imaging

infrared thermal imaging

Unscheduled downtime results in expensive loss of productivity. Infrared thermal imaging can detect problem areas before they become failures, allowing repairs to be performed during scheduled maintenance and avoiding shutdowns. This will allow you to prevent unplanned costs and will create savings for your bottom line.

Thermal imaging has proved remarkably successful in locating overload conditions, phase imbalances, worn contacts and faulty connections at a reasonable price.

Faulty or loose connections can result in arcing, which can lead to an arc flash event. By detecting these situations early, thermal imaging helps to reduce a potentially serious risk to your facility’s personnel.

This is why Factory Mutual Global recommends that facilities perform thermographic surveys on all electrical equipment annually. We follow benchmark standards for correct temperatures and action to follow for any problem areas. We can also alert you to the seriousness of the problem and the correct time frame that should be followed for repairs.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Services:

  • Primary service or supplement to arc flash assessment
  • Lighting panels
  • Main switchboard
  • Machine control panels
  • Other areas of concern for arc flash incidents 

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