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    What Greenhouse Gas Energy Audits Are And Why You Need One

    Ambitious global emissions-reduction goals are making it increasingly necessary to track and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout commercial and industrial facilities. Regular greenhouse gas energy audits make it easy for companies to do their part. At Verifiable Results, we help companies learn how to comply with the new greenhouse gas protocol. Implemented and tracked by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), this protocol considers GHG production from three important areas.

    Direct emissions are the emissions that you produce during your normal business operations while using fuel-combusting appliances or equipment. Whenever these things combust fuel incompletely, carbon monoxide and other harmful agents are produced. Tracking direct GHG emissions is a great way to gauge the health and efficiency of the tools you’re using. Tracking can also provide insights into how companies might improve in these areas.

    Indirect GHG emissions are the result of using “clean” energy sources. For instance, electricity likely drives much of what goes on in your business. From overhead lights, fax machines, computers, servers, and equipment, businesses use considerable amounts of electricity each and every day.

    Although using electricity doesn’t directly produce emissions, there are hidden emissions that occur when electricity itself is produced. Often referred to as grey emissions, these GHGs still impact your company’s carbon footprint. Fortunately, with the right strategies, you can keep them to a minimum. Choosing highly efficient, electrically powered equipment and then properly maintaining it is a good start.

    Finally, you also want to track the GHGs that come from other areas. These are also accounted for in the most current greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol standards. These are emissions that come from the third parties that are part of your supply chain. For instance, if your suppliers come bearing goods or raw materials in gas-powered vehicles, you must account for the GHGs they produce along the way. At Verifiable Results, our energy audits measure all of these things and offer tips for getting the resulting numbers under control. To find out more or schedule your first GHG audit, get in touch with Verifiable Results now.

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