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    Understanding The Four Most Significant Outcomes Of Arc Flash Assessment

    Arc flash assessments are critical component of workplace safety, particularly in industries that rely on electrical systems. An arc flashes occur when electrical currents pass through air, creating bright flashes of light and intense heat. This sudden release of energy can cause significant harm to workers, including electrical shock, burn injuries, or even death. As a critical step for electrical safety in the workplace, it is essential for organizations to understand what to expect during an arc flash assessment. This post dives into the key things that organizations should expect during this important process.

    Assessment of Electrical System Design and Documentation

    We always start with a comprehensive design and documentation review of the electrical system when assessing arch flash in your premises. This thorough arc flash audit includes evaluating the layout of your system, the type of equipment you use, and the protective devices in place. Our assessor will also review any maintenance records, electrical diagrams, and any relevant safety documentation. This comprehensive review will give us a thorough understanding of electrical system and any potential risk factors.

    Evaluation of the Electrical Equipment

    We also inspect the electrical equipment in detail to determine its condition, age, and any potential issues that may increase the risk of the arc flashes. Our inspection at this level involves reviewing the condition of your insulation, checking for any signs of wear or damage, and evaluating the stability of your equipment. We then examine the equipment’s components such as switches, transformers, and cables, to ensure that they are functioning properly and are not at risk of failure. We use the information to determine the level of protective measures required for your workers who may come into contact with the electrical system.

    Determination of the Incident Energy Levels

    Our assessor use specialized software and calculations to determine the incident energy levels of your electrical systems. This is a critical step as it helps us to determine the level of protective measures required for employees who may come into contact with your electrical systems. We utilize the incident energy levels to establish the potential for harm to workers and to identify the type of personal protective equipment that should be used. We use the latest software and techniques to ensure that the calculations are accurate and up-to-date.

    Recommendations for Protective Measures

    Our assessment team uses the incident energy levels obtained during the arc flash evaluation to make recommendations for protective measures to minimize the risk of flashes. We guide you to establish where your staff need to use of personal protective equipment, the installation of arc-resistant equipment, and the implementation of safety procedures. Also, we make recommendations on improvements to your electrical systems that reduces the danger of flashes. We design our recommendations to provide the highest level of protection for workers and to minimize the risk of flash.

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