DBA: Verifiable Results NC, PLLC

May 20th, 2022

Compliance is always a top concern when it comes to arc flash training. However, this instruction provides a vast range of benefits for companies and industries in which it’s a concern. You can enjoy higher levels of safety and productivity when everyone is well-informed of the top mitigation strategies, testing methods, and regulations. Completing arc flash training online will provide an even greater range of benefits. At Verifiable Results, we want to share three reasons to consider our options in virtual arc flash training.

Our remote arc flash training courses are designed to make it easy for companies to get everyone on their teams trained and without harming their bottom lines. With remote learning, you don’t have to lose a large portion of your manpower throughout instruction. If continuity is a key concern, you can have your employees complete their lessons and testing in their downtime. You can also stagger their lessons during normal business hours so that the flow of work processes isn’t significantly interrupted.

Our courses also allow people to move forward at their own steady pace. Not everyone grasps these concepts right away. Some people need more time to review course materials so that they have a solid understand and they’re ready for exams. With this level of flexibility, no one gets left behind and everyone can learn in a way that works right for them.

There is also a continued availability of key course materials. When people learn offsite, they often have very little left to keep with them once their training sessions are complete. With continual access to reference materials, people can revisit key points as needed and can even use training documents to solve or prevent problems onsite.

Getting your team trained to mitigate the daily dangers they face will give you tremendous peace of mind. You can enjoy this even more when ensuring adequate instruction doesn’t result in downtime. To find out more about our classes or to start the enrollment process, reach out to us today!