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    Online Arc Flash Training & Certification Course

    Are you interested in getting arc flash certification online? We at Verifiable Results will be more than happy to take you through Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash Safety topics. Call 864-201-0980 today to learn more about this video course. In this article, we will provide you with a brief overview of what to expect during the duration of your online arc flash training.

    Our remote learning arc flash course is intended for industrial and commercial clients and only takes two hours to complete. It is a course meant to make the trainees compliant with Certification Training Requirements meant to guarantee electrical safety in a workplace.

    Trainees taking the arc flash certification online course will be taught by Doug Baucom, who is an experienced electrical engineer specializing in this type of assessment. As a trainer, Doug has been training and assessing clients for more than ten years, with his clients mainly being from North America.

    As the trainees attending the remote learning arc flash course will soon discover, these classes are highly regarded for their relevant content and laser focus. The trainer knows how to hold their attention and will provide them with a series of videos on how best to maintain safety. All trainees are expected to take a safety quiz at the end of the course.

    Once the course and the quiz are completed, we will issue a personalized certificate proving that one has attended online arc flash training. Apart from the certificate, each trainee will also be granted 4 CEU credits.

    In summary, the trainees will learn how to use PPE properly, implement preventative measures, analyze the data present on Arc Flash labels and the danger posed by electrical hazards. They will also learn how to mitigate such risks and the best ways to use voltmeters. The entire course should take two hours and will include field exercise and a short test.

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