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    What To Expect During Greenhouse Gas Energy Audit

    Our greenhouse gas energy audit tracks the electricity used and how to increase efficiency. We aim to provide data showing progress towards your carbon emission goals. This can help you save money and improve your reputation as an environmentally friendly organization. In this post, we show you the various steps to conducting this exercise.


    The first step to carrying out the evaluation is for us to hear what your plan is. Let us know what your aim for the assessment is. You can also provide us with your budget so that we know how much you’re willing to spend on electricity at your facility. It’s important that we know how extensive you want the evaluation to be. The kind of equipment that you have, the size of your facility, layout and occupancy among other things. This is essential in helping you know the specific things we’ll check during our analysis.

    A Walkthrough

    The next step is for us to come to your facility and conduct a walkthrough. This will help us identify problem areas. It will also come in handy in helping us advise you on how to comply with the new greenhouse gas protocols.

    Some of the things we’ll check include your heating and cooling systems, leakages and electricity waste. We’ll also check your insulation if there is faulty equipment, good settings and other issues.

    Data Analysis

    We’ll then analyze the data that we’ve collected and identify causes of inefficiencies. We do this through various ways, such as software, spreadsheets and benchmarks. We’ll then compare this data with greenhouse gas (GHG) Protocol Standards. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations for the improvements that you’ll have to make.


    Following our analysis, prioritize which actions you’d like to do first. They have both short-term and long-term plans for implementation.

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