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    Discover Top Four Strategies That Experienced Specialists Use To Implement Comprehensive Virtual Arc Flash Training

    An arch flash impact remains one of the most catastrophic injuries a worker can get in an industrial setting with electrical issues. The powerful electrical surge that occurs during such incidences can lead to explosions, blinding lights, disturbing sounds, molten metal shrapnel and flashes of fire. The flashes are hot enough to cause distressing injuries, loss of lives and financial consequences to business. As such, employers and workers operating industrial equipment need excellent training to gain knowledge that will enable them avoid possible arch flashes. It is imperative to take such safety training virtually to get all the knowledge you need without losing working hours for the company. The rest of the discussion outlines the top strategies experts use to implement comprehensive virtual arc flash training.

    Place Warning Stickers

    The risk of arch flashing occurring increases as the person gets closer to the energized equipment within a workplace. We highly advise employers to post warning stickers for possible electric hazards on all energized industrial and commercial equipment that operate above fifty volts. Our experts will advise you on the right protection boundaries depending on the arch flashing incidence calculations. Our professional guidance will include the specific arch flashes rating of the personal protective equipment employees need when working near certain machines.

    Provide Personal Protection

    Our training involves guiding employers to offer certified personal protective gear to all employees who they assign to work around live power or within protection boundaries. Such measures should include properly rated shoes, clothing, face shields, insulated equipment and rubber gloves that are resistant to arch flashes. We ensure the employers meet or surpass the arch flash rating of the machines workers operate.

    Safety Training and Implementation

    The management of every industrial establishment is responsible for ensuring regular audit of job sites, safety and giving permits for all the tasks that revolve around organized equipment. We offer excellent online safety course, programs and guide every company for effective enforcement to ingrain safe practices in the workplace. We guide the company on how to prepare safe workplaces through continuous audit to establish safe environment for all workers. We train and give arc flash certifications to employees and encourage them to use PPE, warning stickers and adhere to safe work practices.

    Perform Required Maintenance

    Routine maintenance of electrical equipment is essential in reducing the risk of electrical shock and arch flashing. Our arc flash facility evaluation covers checking of loose wires, dust or moisture on the wiring and electrical machines failure can lead to severe power hazards. Our experts always take employers through common maintenance issues they should observe to reduce the potential of exposing workers to flashing incidences.

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