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    Why You Should Have An Arc Flash Study Performed On A Regular Basis

    All businesses are reliant upon electricity in a variety of ways. Surges of electricity or simply having too much can actually result in overheated equipment, fires and property loss among other things. With an arc flash study, you can determine how high the risk for these events actually is. This process entails a comprehensive study of electrical systems. When the work is done, you will receive a report that shows potential hazards and threats, and the best possible solutions for resolving them. Following are several reasons to have these studies performed on a routine basis.

    You may need to have this testing performed in order to maintain compliance. This is often the case for industries that are heavily reliant upon electricity for their normal operations or production practices. If this is the case, routine testing will help you avoid the fines, fees, and other penalties that come with non-compliance.

    Due to the high prevalence of electrical fires in poorly monitored environments, you want to invest in these services as a way to keep your team protected. There are a number of possible injuries that workers can sustain if you are negligent in this area. These include minor electrical shots to serious electrocution.

    It is also necessary to take these measures as a way of protecting your business and all of the assets that it contains. Electrical surges can destroy costly and incredibly important equipment. They can also lead to wire damages, electrical fires, and much, much more. Take a look at your commercial insurance plan to determine whether or not you’re obligated to have these studies performed once or more each year. If so, then failing to do so may lead to your policy being voided.

    At Verifiable Results, we customize our studies to meet the needs of individual businesses. This includes understanding the layout and electrical setup of your facilities and learning more about how your operations work while this infrastructure. With this level of streamlining, we’re able to accurately identify the hazards and potential hazards that are unique to your company.

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