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    An Insight Into Arc Flash Study Consultant

    If you are pursuing electrical engineering courses or other electrical studies where your practical electricity lessons are involved, you have to be cautious. Short-circuiting can cause an arc flash, which in turn can lead to electrical explosions. However, this should not scare you off from pursuing your career course. But to be safe, one can hire an arc flash study consultant. In this post, you will learn more about our consultancy services.

    The main reason why students consult us is for safety. Therefore, we have professional consultants who offer safety training. The safety lessons begin with understand warning stickers. Besides, we train students to follow the right safe work practices such as a lockout tag, which can prevent students from working with energized equipment, and correctly using PPE.

    Providing analysis of hazardous electrical sites is another service that we offer. Although students can calculate hazards or safe protection boundary that surrounds equipment with the help of IEEE guide, we also provide charts to help them get the right estimate of risk expected. In addition, we have software programs that can help in the calculation.

    Providing analysis to different domains worldwide is one of the main things that make us stand out in the consultancy services. The analysis includes the relay and short circuit coordination studies, but the main concern should be on why you should trust our analysis. However, the research is accurate since the consultancy team is made up of professionals globally certified as electrical consultants. Our experts understand the international flash standards as well as short circuit studies.

    Although we understand that the services we offer are technical, our prices are not high. Any student pursuing electrical courses can afford them. With the little consultancy fees we charge, your safety can be guaranteed. Furthermore, we provide a flat rate for all our customers globally.

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