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    Arc Flash Risk Assessment In South Carolina

    When current flows through air probably because of connection between phase to phase conductor commonly known as short circuit or fault condition arc flash occurs. These electrical explosions lead to equipment exploding risking the lives of people and property destruction. At verifiable results company, we conduct arc flash risk assessment in South Carolina and we are a trusted company to work with.

    Our company believes that some incidences can be avoided if the necessary training is provided to workers as well as the workers being properly equipped with safety gears. We understand electrical explosions come without warning and happens so fast such that there is no time to salvage anything.

    And it is for this reason we like our clients to be always ready and prepared for any eventuality. Most of these explosions are caused by human error and hence the need to train employees. Arc flash analysis is done by our competent professional engineers who identify thermal incident energy at each location.

    Our engineers will also recommend the type of PPE to be worn when approaching each boundary. When preparing for analysis, first we do document analysis. All the relevant documentation regarding the electrical system is gathered and properly organized. Data is then entered into our software, which gives us the electrical distribution of that particular system.

    The step that follows is a coordination study which basically aims to establish if the equipment has all the necessary protective devices. This is to curb any cases of overcurrent situations. The next stage is short circuit analysis. Our team will determine current magnitude flowing through the system. This should always be done after every electrical fault.

    Next we do equipment and electrical system evaluation. This evaluation seeks to establish whether the system sticks to all safety regulations. After analysis of materials, the current, machines and protective equipment, arc flash analysis is generated for all equipment that are relevant.

    Our advice to client is, always label explosive equipment and let the employee be trained on how to work safely. Apart from the assessments, our company is a registered engineering company able to handle any kind of engineering project. We offer safety consulting services to various industries and we install backup power systems.

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