DBA: Verifiable Results NC, PLLC

February 18th, 2021

An assessment of arc flash is an analysis done by qualified engineers with the aim of determining thermal incident energy situated at each location and recommending what personal protective equipment (PPE) to use at each boundary. For a successful arc flash risk assessment in Greenville, Verifiable Results can help you with that as it boasts of qualified and registered engineers.

The firm is not limited to practice in one state, we can offer our services to many states. Our firm basically specializes in electrical engineering with the aim of helping clients deal with their safety compliance objectives. Generally, we handle all our clients’ engineering needs.

The flash is an electrical explosion caused by short circuit or fault condition. Short circuit is a situation where phase to ground conductor or phase to phase conductor is linked and current passes through the air. These explosions can be quite big causing serious injuries to workers.

If the explosion does occur, it does so without any warning. This is why we are here to protect you, your equipment, and workers from damages from such electrical explosions. The main reason behind such explosions is human error and this can be prevented through proper training of workers on safety measures when handling electrical equipment.

When maintenance workers are doing a repair on live equipment and accidentally cause a short circuit, this can easily result in an incident. The assessment begins with documentation of the system. Information about the system is gathered and entered into the software.

A coordination study is carried out to determine whether the equipment has requisite protective devices. The protective device plays a major role in controlling over-current situations. Short circuit calculations are then done to evaluate the magnitude of current passing through each critical point.

To ensure all electrical equipment is operating as per safety regulations, we thoroughly evaluate electrical systems and equipment. Our calculations are produced after evaluating electrical currents, materials, and protective equipment. We conduct training of workers on safe working practices.