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    An Introduction To Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

    In December 1970 the Occupational Safety and Health Act introduced the act to assure the healthful and safety in working conditions. This act looks at the duties that the employer needs to do in order to ensure that employees are safe and work environments are free from hazards. An electrical arc flash is one hazard that employers need to be aware of and this is why arc flash hazard analysis is an important task that employers need to comply with.

    There are a number of components that are performed as part of this hazard analysis and one of the main components is the time that it takes to clear protective devices, breakers of primary circuits, fuses and protective relays.

    All testing and maintenance that is carried out with electrical protective devices and these need to be done using manufacturer instructions. If it is not possible to follow manufacturing guidelines it is important to follow the guidance that is available in terms of guidance on the frequency, methods and tests that can be performed on overcurrent protective devices.

    Molded case circuit breakers can be useful when it comes to maintaining the circuit breakers. The circuit breakers limit the mounting of the proper mechanical electrical connections and manual operations on a regular basis. Most lighting appliances and power panels that break circuits and have riveted frames. Circuit breakers that have a molded case need to have extensive testing and calibration.

    Circuit breakers have a system installed and the lights are on whilst the machines are running which means that everything is fine. The circuit breakers are not working fine if it is closed and whether it is working or not will be indicated by the circuit breakers. Unfortunately, too often circuit breakers fail to the minimum maintenance requirements. There are many reasons why these fail the tests, and these can include not being properly cleaned or needing to be lubricated.

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