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    What To Consider Before Arc Flash Assessments

    According to NFPA standards, arc flash inspections have to be conducted every five years or in circumstances where a significant modification has been made to a facility. However, you also have to keep in mind that even if you have not had any significant change to the facility within the five years, the energy levels might still change necessitating the need for an assessment. But before arc flash assessments can be done, there are a few aspects that must be considered as outlined in this piece.

    Completing this inspection can take weeks depending on the size of your facility. This is a significant reason why you must ensure you seek the services of professional engineers like the ones we have. This is because the study has to be conducted by experienced engineers that are registered within the state in which the facility operates, keeping in mind that regulations do vary with states. The engineer must also have experience in conducting power system analysis.

    The study results will highly depend on the collected data. As such, precise data should be collected from every equipment during the inspection. The data collectors have to perform a proper walk-through of all the distribution systems. This is why you need you to need to utilize our electricians since they are familiar with all the electrical site distribution system and also processes.

    Commercially available tools and software helps in making the calculations and analyzation study more comfortable and faster during the whole process. It is, therefore, important to standardize on a single software system across the entire enterprise. This helps in eliminating any mix up that might arise when a lot of software systems are applied.

    The goal to be achieved at the end of the day should also be a priority. Whether you aim at reducing the energy levels or modernizing the equipment, have clear and defined goals for the assessment and communicate them to our professionals. Verifiable Results, LLC will ensure that we tailor recommendations to assist you in achieving your set goals.

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