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    Three Things To Know About Having An Arc Flash Assessment In North Carolina Performed

    Arc flash testing may not be something that you or your company thinks much about until a problem actually arises. This is an in-depth inspection that’s performed to ensure the safety and all-around functionality of a building’s electrical system. Given that most businesses are heavily reliant upon multiple forms of electrically powered equipment, having any power surges throughout any areas of commercial or industrial operations can be incredibly detrimental. Following are three things that you need to know about having an arc flash assessment in North Carolina performed.

    To start, these services are absolutely vital for ensuring that facilities are on par with the latest local, natural, and other regulations and requirements. If you have just purchased a new facility or have recently added a number of new electrical features, you’ll definitely want to have an assessment performed. Doing so can prevent the often high costs of sustaining any compliance-related penalties.

    You should always schedule these inspections after significantly enhancing or redesigning your electrical setup. For instance, if you have bought a new server or have installed new in-house equipment, the electrical demands created by these changes should be assessed. Once they have, Verifiable results can assist you in establishing a solid plan for securing an electrical system that supports them.

    It is important to have these services performed if you are currently experiencing electrical problems such as shortages, outages, surges, or overloads. At Verifiable Results, we can help you learn more about the underlying causes of these functions. We can also resolve them in an affordable and truly timely fashion.

    With NFPA 70E certification and extensive experience in our field, we are adept in addressing a very vast range of issues and concerns. We always follow-up our assessments with comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports. These documents can be shared with licensing and other regulatory bodies, and used to better understand and effectively redesign your building’s entire electrical system.

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