DBA: Verifiable Results NC, PLLC

May 18th, 2021

Arc flashes can be a health hazard to employees and businesses if precautionary measures are not taken while handling electrical equipment. It is recommended that human error and carelessness gets avoided to ensure safety. When the right guidelines are followed serious hazards can be avoided and safety enhanced. The following are the major causes of an arc flash in Anderson SC.

We recommend that clients organize for regular maintenance of all electrical equipment. This is because if not serviced, these pieces of equipment may develop technical hitches and explode. We offer maintenance services at subsidized costs where we check on the functionality of the system. In case of any hitches, we fix the issues to ensure safety.

Failure to insulate electrical wires can be a major cause of explosions. When hiring contractors, clients should be careful to get skilled ones. If contracted, we do proper insulation since when dust accumulates in live wires, the electric flow may be affected. After a reasonable period, an explosion might occur thus causing damages. Our services ensure that clients are safe from any danger of a fire breakout and thus clients should book a date with us.

If water or any other liquid spills over electrical systems, an explosion may occur. We hence recommend that consumers avoid placing liquids near them to avoid problems. Areas surrounding electrical equipment should also be dried at all times to avoid any condensation. With such precautionary measures, clients will end up having a comfortable stay in their homes.

Using substandard parts during installation may cause an arc flash. We recommend you use only the best quality materials ensuring that the installation process is as safe as possible. This ensures that people do not face any electric issues afterward. We are experienced in this sector and understand electric systems enabling us to identify the most suitable options for clients.