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Energy Measurement

energy measurement

Energy is a major expenditure for your business, and energy conservation is so much more than changing out a bunch of light bulbs and checking off a report. You’ve been challenged with conserving energy, reducing the carbon footprint, and reducing utility bills. Changing the light bulbs didn’t measure up—so what’s next? Energy management is the answer.

You can’t manage what hasn’t been measured. Verifiable Results works with you to identify, manage, and measure items within your facility which are a significant draw on utilities. Once we’ve identified the culprits, we look for ways to better utilize the resource, creating efficiency and reducing spend. Once we’ve established a plan and start managing the resource, we measure the results—helping you make better decisions while saving money.

How Do We Do This?

Sub-metering. Understanding how your operation uses energy offers opportunity for cost savings. Is a machine sitting idle for long periods of time? Does the machine have a surge in its energy consumption at some point during the day? Is the machine operating efficiently within the specifications as designed? Of similar machines, are some more efficient than others? Less efficient machines may require maintenance. Would considerable savings be found by replacing the piece of equipment? Did replacing a machine provide the expected energy savings and/or reduce your carbon footprint? These are all questions sub-metering can answer.

Understanding Rates

Ensuring that you are receiving the best available rate from your utility provider can be an instant source of savings. As a preferred Measurement and Verification (M&V) contractor for the largest electric utility in the United States, we know how to ensure your business is taking advantage of the providers’ cost-effective pricing signal. Once we understand how you are using your energy, we work with the energy provider to identify the most cost-effective rate option. Verifiable Results can help you take advantage of these cost savings as well as help you find other energy sources.


Once a baseline is established, Verifiable Results will work with your team to better manage energy consumption—resulting in increased profitability for your business. We will identify those areas within your facility where consumption can be better managed, and we’ll educate your team on those potential changes.

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