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Energy Management

energy management

“You can’t manage what hasn’t been measured.” Once we’ve helped you establish a baseline regarding how you use your energy, we can design and implement the solutions to create an energy management plan.

Key tools we use include:

  • Building Management Systems.We have multiple options to help you manage energy consumption. From monitoring temperatures, automatically turning off lightsand powering down unused equipment. We can also integrate into your fire and security systems to create “smarter” buildings which can be managed from any web browser.
  • Alternative Energy Sources. Backup generation and solar power might be ideal solutions for your business. We’ll work with you to identify the technologies available and help implement them to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Equipment Management. Identifying the lifecycle of a piece of equipment is an important part of any energy management program. Ensuring the equipment runs at the manufacturer’s specified powerload as well as planning and replacing older equipment can reduce your carbon footprint while improving your profit.
  • Negotiating with energy suppliers. Are you paying appropriately for the energy you’re consuming? Are you purchasing your natural gas in the open market? Are you confident you have the best supplier? Managing the utilities is an important part of your energy management program. Let us help you negotiate with your energy supplier or in many cases we can provide you with your energy supply.
  • Education. Teaching your people best practices and the importance of conserving electricity through training and signage saves money. People recycle to reduce their carbon footprint. Turning their computer, radio, and other electronics off when leaving the office is just as important.

Verifiable Results wants to be your energy manager. We understand what it takes to reduce your carbon footprint, how to educate your employees about conserving energy, and how to save you money from your energy providers. We’re the experts. Let us help you.

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