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Energy Savings 

energy savings

There’s two ways to create energy savings costs: supply side savings and demand side savings.

On the supply side, we’ll review your energy bills to see if you’re on the most cost-effective rate. If you’re not we’ll help you identify the best rate available and advise you of the risk/benefit of changing rates. There’s no cost for the initial review and if there is an opportunity we’ll share in the savings. We continue to monitor the rates to make sure you’re always saving money.

On the demand side, we’ve been the measurement and verification field experts for Duke Energy. In this role we were responsible for measuring and verifying the actual energy savings that their customers realized on projects such as lighting, HVAC retrofits, variable speed drives, air compressors, etc. We’ve seen it all and learned first-hand what works and what doesn’t. 

We’ve taken this knowledge and now we help customers implement the most cost-effective solution. We also fill out all the necessary paperwork to get you the rebate from the utility provider. Our implementation will allow to begin saving immediately. All of our cost savings programs are comprehensive and employ multiple strategies to allow you to get the most out of your plan.

Most of our projects begin paying for themselves from the first day of operation providing a positive cashflow and improved working environment. If desired, we have banking partners that would welcome the opportunity to invest in these projects so there is not a need for any upfront capital. We have multiple financing options available for any size business or budget.

Energy Savings Services:

  • Supply side evaluation
  • Demand side evaluation
  • Implementation of new strategies for saving
  • Project specific energy savings

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