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Backup Power

backup power

What does your business do when the lights go out? How do you keep critical operations online during power outages? Do you know what downtime costs your business? Do you have a plan? Verifiable Results can help your business outline an backup power plan and implement improvements which will reduce production downtime and data losses due to power outages.

At a minimum, your business should have a generator to keep your server and other critical loads operational. Additional generation should be considered for critical functions of your business to reduce the financial impact of a long-term power outage. Every business has a need and a return on this investment is easily justified should your community experience a power outage.

There are many alternative options that we can discuss with you to create the most protection for your company, while still reducing energy costs. 

Services we provide include:

  • Emergency power planning
  • Changes to your current backup power system
  • Protection of data
  • Additional generators


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